tuesday night drawing at the pub, exeter hotel, rundle street, adelaide, from 6.30pm. open to all!

ex-a-sketch zine 003_

ex-a-sketch monthly zines_ 001 002 003 004
each month(ish) we put together all of the drawings done at the pub and make a zine! we're up to issue 004!

email ex.a.sketch@gmail.com to order your zine, or send $5 to: Simon Loffler, 28 Austin Street, Adelaide 5000. don't forget to include a return address!

ex-a-sketch in a documentary (video)
ink rain doco featuring ex-a-sketch

box wall at the SA Art Gallery!!!!
video from the city messenger
same video direct on youtube
photos by jay kay (slideshow)

board spray jam
photos by sighmon (slideshow)

box animals
article by aaron :)
photos by jaykay (slideshow)
photos by badjonni (slideshow)
video slideshow by artemis

box wall three at the fringe zine fair
photos (film camera!) by tim
photos by jaykay (slideshow)
photos by badjonni (slideshow)

ex-a-sketch in the street press
review by dB magazine (issue 422 - oct 2007)
zine fair write-up (messenger 12th march 2008)
little mention (messenger 13th march 2008)
glitterazi! (sunday mail 23rd march 2008)
thanks to Olivia Stratton for the coverage and being lovely!

box wall one
photos by sighmon

box wall two
making of video by yasemin (new!)
photos by jessica
videos by jessica
photos by witness_1
photos by john (wind blew it down)
photos by jessica (simon, simon & jess fix it!)

sunday funday
photos by jessica
street art workshop for kids! run as part of the SA Museum sunday funday.

street art workshop for feast festival
ex-a-sketch is running a street art workshop for beginners at the feast festival 2007.
click here the to buy your tickets! they're selling out fast. :)
oh, and we even got mentioned in 'the program'!

arts access sa street art workshop
this street art workshop was run for people with a disability. they were fantastic!
photos by jessica

pimp my t-shirt rooftop party
photos by witness_1
original invitation
event on facebook
next party invite list

more information about ex-a-sketch:
ex-a-sketch flickr photo pool and discussion
ex-a-sketch facebook group
church-on-fire flickr forum

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