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home slice_ episode 029

hello home slice_

This week our friend Matt took one giant leap into the great unknown.. he got married. It was a nice little affair, a few close friends and some dancing. We like Matt and his new wife, they're real and they're lovely, congratulations you two!

This week was also the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon if you even believe it happened, another giant leap into the great unknown.

Whilst sobering up from the wedding champagne and ogling the amazing NASA photos, we started wondering if home slice was more like marriage or space travel. Do we leave you lost in space or are we more like your naggy husband/wife?


Co-Op pops back up

You might get this in time for the opening, maybe.. sorry it's a bit late.. but until we get ourselves a marketing manager we will continue to be a little slow, a little wary, quite sloppy and seemingly distracted. But we are at the very least earnest in our ambition to bring you goodies you just might otherwise miss.

Do you remember Value King? They disappeared from our streets and then popped up digitally as Co-Op Store, a sweet online location to source some new threads, wide angle goodies, or a new print.

This Friday (it could be today, or possibly should be 'last Friday') Co-Op is going to pop up in Shop 3 Ebenezer Place for two weeks only so we hope you get along.

We're pretty excited about the exhibition by SPR/PPL on opening night.

When: Opens Friday night 17 July continues to August 2.
Where: Shop 3, Ebenezer Place.
Link love:
Co-Op Store

Co-Op pops back up


No the record in our mind is not skipping.

Last issue or the one before we mentioned Projectorbitions. It was neat!

This is the "Open to the public" exhibition of the works and video footage that was created as a result of the Projectorbitions.

Artists include Store, Benzo, Fredrock, Tarnz, Nish, Orgen, Gary Seaman, Koven, Jules.

Things to expect: DJs, B-boys, Food, Drinks and one HUGE exhibition.


Where: 5000 Gallery, Waymouth St.
When: Friday July 24, 8pm.
Video: preview on youtube.

RIP The Gymnasium

We aren't about to stand at the funeral swaying back and forth slurring a speech about how our dearly departed wasn't so great in life, because, The Gymnasium was.

Maybe not enough people knew about it, or more people have vertigo than first thought and the narrow steep stairways threw a few off, or just maybe the hard slog of vintage entrepreneurship had run it's course.

We had a nice time with you Gymnasium, you were a reliable source for vintage goodies and always lovely to pop into.


If they still have stock they are open until the final bell tolls at 5pm Saturday (Tomorrow!).

Where: Rundle St
When: Until Saturday 17th 5pm


RIP The Gymnasium


Bike drifting

A few decades ago, before the realisation that the environment was getting a bit f$ked up, kids would meet in the dark of night, drive their overpowered rear wheel drive road art machines in convoy into the foggy deserted hills and make drift.

That was then, this is now. Enter, bicycle drifting. Same $exy concept, but two less wheels.

Drift can also be spelled with three wheels, check these big kids with their freewheelin trikes!

Video: bike drifting / trike drifting

Powers of Katsu - a film about scale

You're in year 8 science class and the teacher pulls some funny looking eye glasses from the cupboard. They have long tubes and a couple of focus wheels and they look like something you're glad the doctor doesn't use on you.

An hour later you realise it's a microscope, and pretty much the coolest thing on the planet. Objects that are small become big, so very big that you can look at the freckles on a bee. Exciting!

Now take that joy, and apply it to a street artist, Katsu. Watch as he shows you his version of how small things become big.

Video: Powers of Katsu

ps_ just in case you're of the persuasion that tags are bad, have a quick look at this video too.. the evolution of graffiti, from a tag to a mural.

Bike drifting

Powers of Katsu - a film about scale

Powers of Katsu - a film about scale


Talking to Mistletone Records
Interview by our young friend Nick. Good job Nick!

Born out of the ideas and passions of two Melbourneans, emerging Australian label Mistletone has grown to represent the power of proactive and positive thinking in the music industry. Throwing a lifeline to listeners and artists alike, the duo give life to local up-and-comers whilst bringing the international sounds Dan Deacon, Beach House and Evangelicals to our shores and into our record shops. Co-founder Sophie Best talks about the label:

The birth?
”It's all because of Ariel Pink. Ash (Miles, Mistletone co-founder) and I were big fans of Ariel's and offered to bring him to Australia for a tour. We realised that no Australian label had ever released his records and decided we should do it ourselves. So that was the impetus for starting a label which was something we'd both daydreamed about for many years.”

Getting started?
“Ash had a friend who worked for a distributor so we approached them to distribute our label. We started with Ariel and once the word got out there, we got offered so much good music we couldn't refuse and the label grew from there. “

Where is the label going?
”We intend to keep releasing good music on the label and just letting it take its own direction. There is no grand plan, we just let things evolve how they want to evolve.”

Australian music industry?

”We try not to think too much about the industry or what the current climate may be. The music industry is as good or as crappy as you want it to be. There are some amazing people in Australia and all over the world who are facilitating great music, and there is a proliferation of incredible music coming out from the burgeoning creativity of the current climate. That's what is important to us.”

Review: 'Screens' by The Mint Chicks

'Screens' is out of this world, more out of this world sonically than anything the batty Chicks have done before but at the same time the poppiest of power-pop. Guitar led sounds give way to more electronically affected aural delights in synths, keys and possibly a harpsichord here and there. Imagine a re-enactment in the future of a sweet yet slightly twisted 1950's carnival somehow transplanted back to 2009. Where the instruments barely work but with a little futuristic tweaking they manage to emit a twisted version of their former selves.

Don't Sell Your Brain Out, Baby is irrepressibly infectious doo-wop bliss, 2010 is an imperialistic sci-fi adventure into outer space and Life Will Get Better Someday is the sound of a trapped heart smacking against the walls that confine it.



ps_ get yourself hooked into a fast connection and check out their website.. trippy 4x video is awesome.

Talking to Mistletone Records

Review: 'Screens' by The Mint Chicks

Review: 'Screens' by The Mint Chicks


Feast of Film!

Our friend Joel and his partner Sophie are two inspiring young people. Recently returned from a round the world trip volunteering at organic farms and community markets, the two have put together a neat little festival of films about good food and farming. So if you've ever had a little interest in organic food, pop along.

Films are shown this Saturday and the next two Saturday's after that, starting with:

SATURDAY 18 JULY, 4pm-7pm
Mad City Chickens
A sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical look at the growing movement of Americans returning chooks to the cities.

Download the full program here.

Cost: $5.00-$15.00 (warming winter goodies available)
Where: Box Factory Community Centre,
59 Regent St South (between Carrington and Halifax Sts), Adelaide.

All proceeds support the South Australian Food Convergence: “From Plains to Plate: the Future of Food in South Australia”.

ps_ if you can't make it to the film festival, maybe you'd have to time to sign their petition for a city farm in Adelaide?

Feast of Film!

Home made plum jam

by Danny Crichton
who makes this shit? ..ladyboys with
fantastic hair.

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