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Setup instructions

To enable Samantha you'll need to add two of your own API Keys to the Settings view by tapping the gear icon.

Create accounts and copy the API keys from these two websites:

Paste your keys into the Settings view, now Samantha is ready to chat!

OS One app screenshots on an iPhone

Optional: You can also optionally include a session key from your current OpenAI website login. To retrieve this key go to your account usage page, open your browser's network inspection tools, and copy the session key from the response to the request to api.openai.com/dashboard/onboarding/login which will start "sess-"

The session key allows you to see your OpenAI usage in the OS One app.

Privacy policy

We don't collect any data.

Your conversation transcriptions are sent directly to OpenAI for chat completion answers.

If you choose to optionally send your location it will be included with the chat history sent to OpenAI for a response.

Source code