• ChatGPT with your voice
    From S.A.M. on the Commodore 64 to a SwiftUI iOS app that simulates Samantha from Her.
  • CO2 sensor and iOS/macOS app
    Building a portable CO2 sensor with data logging, Apple Siri/HomeKit integration, and an iOS/macOS app.
  • CO2 x COVID-19 x live music
    While planning on attending a live music venue for the first time in ~2 years, I decided the only way I’d feel safe doing so was being able to calculate the CO2 ppm live.
  • Low flow shower head
    We replaced our 90s shower head with a low flow 5 L/min shower head
  • Sending data over LTE
    Sending air quality sensor data over a mobile LTE network with a Blues Notecard.
  • Storing sensor data
    Choosing a timeseries database to store lots of air quality sensor data.
  • Enviro+ air quality sensors
    Pimoroni Enviro+ air quality sensors exporting their data to Prometheus and graphed by Grafana.
  • Air quality sensor network
    Learning from the previous air quality sensors we built, I’m keen to provide some time to plan and deploy a prototype of some new hardware, and here’s where I need your help to fund the initial build.
  • Repairing Hexa
    During my time at MOD. I purchased a Vincross HEXA as part of our robotics education program. It’s a beautiful six legged …
  • Power & battery management
    Until now I’ve been powering the water quality sensors via a USB cable either to an external power supply, or directly to …