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Make a zine! Sell a zine! Do it at the zine fair.

Make a zine! Sell a zine! Do it at the zine fair.

Bikes, Camera, Action!
Saturday March 14th 2009

Event Coordinators:
Ready Set Ride (Myspace / Facebook)

Bikes, Camera, Action! is a non-profit, independent film festival run by Adelaide cycling activist collective Ready, Set, Ride. In 2008 Bikes, Camera, Action! ran a one night, two session proto-film festival as part of Format, relying purely on in-kind support and donations. Their program included Michael Martin and Gabe Morford’s legendary 2007 film Mash, Ted White’s history of Critical Mass entitled We Are Traffic, Suzy Bate’s documentary Deadly Treadlies on a cycling program in remote indigenous communities, and a number of short, independent films. Having received much larger than expected audiences, Bikes, Camera, Action! is now busily seeking further independent films and planning another, larger film event linked to bicycle repair and safety workshops, cycling themed exhibits and events designed to raise awareness around cycling.

Format Festival Adelaide 2009 - It could be quite good.

March 1st to 15th 2009
145 Hindley Street, Adelaide

proudly sponsored by...
Graham F Smith Peace TrustAdelaide Fringe 2009Adelaide City Council