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Celeste Aldahn Presents
Celeste is tinkering with two exhibits. One is a two or three day show featuring work by herself and her pals. And the other is a one night showcase of “video and performance work by local artists and musicians”, with a particular emphasis on showing work “deemed unsuitable by… institutions or regular galleries and venues without the pressure of acquiring punters”. Refreshments provided!

Laura Wills
Adelaide all-star artist extraordinaire Laura Wills is planning a site specific projection work. Laura’s work is uniformly fantastic, and the last time I saw her do projection stuff it left me dizzy with amazement for several days.

Allana Lorenzon
Direct from Melbourne or maybe Sydney or something, presenting a work which builds on the general fetish for pseudo science popular amongst today’s literary and artistic elite. All she’s said so far is that it’ll be themed around the notion of the hollow world and will hang from the ceiling.

ST - End of the world party
You can never really tell what’s going to happen with the ST festival stuff. I think the current plan is to assemble some sort of gigantic box wall that dwarfs the city itself.

If you’re keen to run something, please get in touch. Programming is underway and should be more or less confirmed towards the end of December 08/Early Jan 2009.

Rock and Roll

This is all a bit up in the air, but there’s set to be two, probably three, shows by various rock and roll bands. I’m not sure who’ll be playing yet though.

Juliet November
Sydney sex worker, activist and artist extraordinaire Juliet November presents ‘Making it in the Sex Industry’ – part performance, part installation art and part workshop, all aimed at demystifying the sex industry and provoking thought about sexuality, commercialism, identity and gender.

Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart
Lachlan wowed us all last year with the John Farnham Dance Collective, who stormed the zine fair with their powerful ‘b-boy’ dance maneuvers. Impossible to describe, yet all those who saw it will never be the same again. This time he’ll be presenting an entire, one night performances of amazement!

Tom Doig: King of the World
Ex-TINA director, drug addled panelist on last year’s ‘Holding Les Murray Accountable for the Blanding of Australian Culture’ panel, star of the hit play ‘Hitlerhoff’ and purveyor of striking fashion, Tom Doig has described his plan for an event simply as a night of party good times.

An Evening With Sam Rodgers: Professional YouTube VJ
Stealing the concept of ‘YouTube’ battles from the TINA festival, but making it less crap, Sam Rodgers will awe you with his amazing display of the best of YouTube.


Connor and Chloe from 2%
Using the courtyard in the middle of the venue for some sort of mind boggling, thought provoking party good times collaborative work, featuring artists from the 2% collective.

Miscellaneous Party Good Times

From March 1st to March 13th, Format will host a series of shows, exhibits, performances, films and so on and so forth. This section of the program is still being finalised but is set to include:

Bike Related Stuff

Bike Party Day and general cycling related good times courtesy of Ready Set Ride Ready Set Ride are planning to run a Bike Party Day, probably on March 7th. If you’re too good to go to Womad, and you like bikes, I imagine this event is ideal for you.


The Gallash Twins Present: Nothing Sacred Night
As far as I can tell this event involves Adelaide ex-pat identical twins cursing using the latest groundbreaking swear words. It’s also likely to include Adelaide’s godfather of low fi, Nigel Koop, aka Home for the Def, with his powerful and educational lecture on conspiracy theories. Includes valuable details on how to spot a reptilian!

Caitlin Tyler and Hazel Farrington’s As yet Unnamed Comedy Double Act
The expression of interest for this reads "Highly irreverent female double act for mature audiences only. Guerrilla comedy influenced by the vaudeville, burlesque and cirque traditions." They also claimed it involved fruit.

Jason Sweeney
Jason’s sent me an event overview which is simply so awe inspiring I can’t describe except by saying his name should be preceded by the phrase “World renowned artist”. Likely to be site specific, immersive and all round amazing.

Format Festival Adelaide 2009 - It could be quite good.

March 1st to 15th 2009
145 Hindley Street, Adelaide

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