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Tom Doig
Ex-TINA director, Voiceworks editor and so on and so forth. He’s most famous for taking part in a panel last year whilst, I was later told, under the influence of hard drugs. Also part of the Pool Break Eleven.

Amy Ingram.
Director of the 2008 TINA festival, touring the Fringe with some sort of show that, I think, involves explosions, famous for wearing a wedding dress for four days straight.

Tom and Lou from Breakdown Press
Tom and Lou are plenty nice and run an awe inspiring independent publishing firm called Breakdown Press, responsible for things like Scrapbook to Somewhere and a bunch of arty posters.

Dave Roche
Funding permitting, Dave Roche will be our first international guest from the US, following in the footsteps of the charming Josie Long last year. Dave writes the zine ‘On Subbing’ about his experiences as a substitute teacher, which was published in book form by Microcosm Publishing. He also wrote a zine about his malfunctioning bowel.

Maddy Phelan
Wollongong’s most beloved zinester under the height of 5” 4, fresh from her highly successful international tour of Europe. A key member of the Pool Break Eleven.


Feature Artists
Format features a host of visiting artists of varying quality and infamy. The most lovable of these include:

Lisa Dempster
Lisa runs the independent publishing house known as Vignette Press, famous for publishing a collected edition on scrabble and the much discussed Sex Mook. She recently returned from a gruelling walking tour of Japan and contains a wealth of stories. She is also part of the infamous Pool Break Eleven.

Luke Sinclair
Luke is one of the founders and remains one of the directors of Sticky, Australia’s only zine specific store based in Melbourne. His appearance in the acapella cock rock band ‘Made Austria’ was listed as both the high light and the low light by various people at last year’s zine fair.

Arlene Texta Queen
Texta is actually a world renowned artist, famous both for her debauched US tour stories and amazing nudes drawn entirely with felt tip pen.

Format Festival Adelaide 2009 - It could be quite good.

March 1st to 15th 2009
145 Hindley Street, Adelaide

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