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Mural by Benzo & Store

The event attracted a significant crowd, who were invited to join in the process and engage in a process of skill sharing. Box walls have also been constructed as part of the Art Gallery’s DepArture programme and with the support of the Adelaide City Council.

This year the ST festival will include the painting of a giant collab piece plus an exhibition of the amazing talents of Jules, Store, please be friendly, Logan Macdonald, James Dodd, Joshua Smith, Ankle, Cloud Sparrow, Depart, Chris Tamm, Bunkwaa, Luku, Ink Rain, Subplot, Mop, Nickas, Dan Withey, Snookie, Mr Tomek, Orgen, Ruby & More.. Want to join in? Email us!

ST - Street Art Festival
Exhibition March 6th, 7pm @ Notcoffee
Art Jam March 12th 7pm @ 145 hindley

Event Coordinators: Simon Loffler, Matt Walker


The ST5K Festival was originally run in 2003 by Yasemin Sabuncu and Chris Tamm as a forum to facilitate collaborate artwork and discussions around public space. ST is now run by members of the Ex-a-Sketch art collective. ST focuses primarily on providing space for numerous collaborate projects to be run at once. It tends to produce loosely structured, participant focused work, with an emphasis on providing informal skill sharing and the development of stronger networks, linked to Ex-a-Sketch’s year round calendar of collaborations and exhibitions.

The core example of this last year was the construction of a box wall – literally a wall of cardboard boxes upon which numerous artists produced a large mural using numerous mediums, primarily spray paint and stencilling.

Format Festival Adelaide 2009 - It could be quite good.

March 1st to 15th 2009
145 Hindley Street, Adelaide

proudly sponsored by...
Graham F Smith Peace TrustAdelaide Fringe 2009Adelaide City Council