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a note on funding and resources

Format is a non-profit event with no paid or full time staff and no financial resources of its own. It’s run by the Format Collective, which consists essentially of likeminded individuals working on a non-profit, non-professional basis.

We have, however, been given a mass of help from the people at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, who have been giving us in-kind support since 2006. That’s included below cost and no cost rental of venues and equipment, publicity, help from a project manager, cleaning and tech staff and a wealth of general advice.

In 2009 we’ve also received $4000 from the Graham F Smith Peace Trust to support a pile of workshops, panels and themes related to social justice, arts and activism, and $3000 from the Adelaide City Council which is mostly going into infrastructure and support for the zine fair.

Oh and the website? That was donated by sighmon.

media release

The official media release is now available for download for the Format Festival 2009.

PDF format: Format Festival media release
Word format: Format Festival media release


are you keen to take part?

As an artist and participant run event, the aim is to get as many people involved as possible. If you’re keen to run exhibits, workshops, book space at the zine fair, screen films, have shows etc etc or even if you’re just willing to help out with the grunt work, please fill in an expression of interest form and get in contact via email at: kanbara@senet.com.au

PDF format: Expression of interest
Word format: Expression of interest

what is the format festival?

The Format Festival is our attempt to set up a DIY or artist run festival in Adelaide, kind of comparable to things like This Is Not Art in Newcastle and Next Wave in Melbourne. The aim is to make a two week event that’s sort of a blurring point between arts and activism. Format was first run in 2008 by Joel Catchlove and Ianto Ware, who effectively overran an attempt by Rino Del Zoppo to set up a new writing festival and turned it into a DIY festival.

This year we’re running the Format festival from March 1st to 15th out of 145 Hindley Street, which has been very kindly rented to us by our pals at the Adelaide Fringe. We’re attempting to book up the entire two weeks with exhibits, shows, talks and general party good times. On the final weekend, we’ve got a zine fair, an evening of bike films, a whole pile of panels and workshops and some sort of street art bonanza.

Format Festival Adelaide 2009 - It could be quite good.

March 1st to 15th 2009
145 Hindley Street, Adelaide

proudly sponsored by...
Graham F Smith Peace TrustAdelaide Fringe 2009Adelaide City Council